Consulting Services:


With our many years of recruiting experience, we offer a full recruitment service or assistance with components such as interview panels, reference checking etc. We work with clients to identify and understand the strategic needs of their organisation, the required competencies and attributes in relation to job and culture fit. We help provide a seamless process from initial advertising through to hiring ensuring the recruitment process supports the organisational direction and talent needs and the right person for the job – critical to an organisation’s success. Poor hiring decisions can be costly, and its negative effects can ripple through an organisation.


An effective induction practice ensures new staff are welcomed and settled in quickly and happily to their new role. From the outset this offers the opportunity to establish clear expectations in terms of your code of practice, organisation processes, ethics, integrity, Health & Safety, and provides links to key people and knowledge areas. This assists new staff to feel at home and be able to contribute immediately.

Performance reviews

An effective performance review system is a great vehicle for enhancing staff performance and development, as well as being a great management tool. We work with organisations to adopt techniques and strategies to ensure meaningful discussions that clearly identify respective responsibilities and knowledge areas.

Employer Branding

To attract and retain the best people, you need a visible, compelling employer brand and story. We assist organisations to be clear about what they stand for and develop and manage their employer brand strategy with recruitment
advertising and position descriptions etc.

Talent Mapping

Talented people are the lifeblood of all organisations and Talent Mapping is a process to help you plan for the potential loss of key staff. We start by helping you to identify the key roles in your organisation and evaluate if you have potential replacement talent internally. Talent mapping should start before the vacancy exists. It involves the identification of subject matter experts occupying critical roles within your business and the risk they pose, should they transition to retirement or leave your organisation.


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